Led New Respirator Valve Mask With 7 Color Changeable

Author:lumisonata    Publish Time: 2021-05-26

Led New Respirator Valve Mask With 7 Color Changeable

LED Light fiber optic led light up mask can be widely used in Night club, Disco, KTV, Bar, Banquet, Party, Floor show, Stage show, Evening show, Performance show, Vocal concert, Carnival, Wedding dinner, Lounge, Cafe, variety of fashion shows & Nightly entertainments and some other Special Events. For all those who want to make the ultimate fashion statement. Also can be perfect gifts to your beloved and closed friends.In a splendid night, let you become the focus of attention!


TOM TANG is the founder and CEO of LUMISONATA.

TOM TANG is one of the top experienced master in the optical fiber fabric manufacturing industry. 

It has been 9 years in research optical fiber fabrics and applied products since 2012.    

Now the technical team has 1 PhD in Chemistry, 1 Textile Engineer and 1 Electronic Engineer, with more than 20 patents.

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