If you were to take luminous fabrics, what would you like to make it?

Author:lumisonata    Publish Time: 2021-06-15

Luminous fabric is a new type of high-tech fabric.

It can control the luminous of switch of the fabric through the remote control or mobile phone APP, 

and can also change the luminous color of the fabric. 

It can emit dreamy light in the dark, and cool fashion. 

For the dreamy luminous fabrics, do you have any good ideas about it?        



May It be made into a beautiful swallow handbag, a dreamy glowing wedding gown, or a  cool glowing shoe? It's up to you! The soft fabric material, whether it is wear on the body or carried on the shoulder, is comfortable and follow stylish beyond the normal. As long as you dare to think, we dare to do it.

 The weak current power of 3.6V can make a whole piece of clothing and accessories light up without being perceived by the body. A small amount of energy can emit a shining light, the brilliant colors are presented in front of us, and the brilliant visual effects are shocking Our eyeballs. Dreamy like a star river, each  piece of fiber optic ray of light is a place where light can reach. Wearing it on is to bless the radiance on the people and let oneself bloom with color on the stage, which is to pass light on.  DSC04583

 Hand-made, Sew carefully, just to create the most shining product in your heart.LUMISONATAsmart and carefully manufacture.                                                                                                                                                                                                                        


TOM TANG is the founder and CEO of LUMISONATA.

TOM TANG is one of the top experienced master in the optical fiber fabric manufacturing industry. 

It has been 9 years in research optical fiber fabrics and applied products since 2012.    

Now the technical team has 1 PhD in Chemistry, 1 Textile Engineer and 1 Electronic Engineer, with more than 20 patents.

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